I get asked this question all the time. The argument people say is nobody listens to them, and even if they do, they never call back anyway, so it’s a waste of time.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t agree with that, and they’re spelled out in my book, but one that is becoming a big issue is the fact many voicemails are now automatically converted to text.

Check out this video where I share this idea:


With the % of phone systems now converting messages to text, it is increasingly important to leave short, tight messages as part of your sales prospecting.

My objective is a voicemail that is 11-14 seconds. Yes, this shoots down the idea leaving a 30- or 45-second message. Think about how long a text message would be if in audio it was 45 seconds long?  If I were to see a text like that, I would delete it.

Key is leaving a short message that conveys your energy and personality and has a single call to action. Don’t think you can use your message to convey multiple ideas or share an opinion.

Your voicemail is about one thing: Asking a question that points to either a pain or a gain the prospect might have. That’s it! Noting more.

Yes, you want to leave your phone number twice, but let’s not get hung up thinking you’re going to get a high % of call backs. No, you won’t, but that’s just fine with me. I view voicemails as similar to a billboard you see along a highway. A single billboard won’t cause you to change your behavior, but it will create a little more awareness.

Prospecting is about allowing the prospect to see you’re looking to help them. It’s not about you and how great you are. It’s about sharing with them that single idea they will find value in.

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