First thing is to remember to not sell to them.

They don’t want to buy, and they don’t want to talk to salespeople.

What they do want is solutions, and if they don’t see you as one who can help them with solutions, you have zero chance of being able to interact with them.

Senior level people are not driven by the same set of expectations that drive mid-level and below people.

They think different because they see things through a different set of lenses than others in the organization.

Below are 5 things CEOs do things differently:

1. Their sense of time is built around their financial calendar.

2. Decisions they make are strategically focused, not tactically driven.

3. Another person’s view or insight will only be accepted after a level of confidence and trust has been established.

4. Budgets are established for others. If a solution they want needs more funding, they will not let a budget prevent them from moving forward.

5. Time is their most valuable resource. If something can be delegated, it will be delegated.

How well do you understand these five things? These five are all prerequisites to even being able to talk with them. Each one is tied together.

In my work with CEOs and other senior leaders, I’ve never found one who does not adhere to each of the five items.

Which one is the most important?

I believe it begins with trust. If there is no trust, there is no conversation.  Just because there is trust doesn’t mean for certain there will be a conversation, because the CEO may very well delegate you to another department.


What this means is you have to be present yourself in a way that allows you to be seen as assisting them with strategic insights as you develop trust.

Some might say this is a chicken and egg type question, but I’ve found in the speed of which we all need to work, it’s impossible to separate the two.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing quite a bit more on how to connect with senior level people.

In the meantime, check out Breakthrough Sales University where I go more in-depth about this prospecting tip and many others.

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