I’ve made three trips to Asia in the past year, and each time I continue to pick up new ideas regarding selling. These ideas not only benefit my Asian clients, but also benefit my clients wherever they are.

The more I travel around the world, the more I see how closely linked sales processes are among countries.  Sure, different things might be stressed more in one country than another, but everything goes in cycles. What is the selling trend in one country today may very well be the selling trend in another country a couple years later.

I share this for one simple reason. It’s important for us to look beyond our normal sales environment. We need to always be seeking out new sources of learning, new areas for ideas, and new opportunities to learn.  Today’s market is changing so rapidly, and if we wait to see things emerge in our own market before we respond, then we’ll never be in a position to take advantage of trends by being on the front-end of them.   Leaders lead with their eyes open.

What have you changed in your sales process in the last week?   It’s a simple question but one always worth asking. More importantly, it’s one worth doing.  If we fail to change, we will very quickly find ourselves out of sync with our market.

Living in the Midwestern United States, I see this each week as trees and plants change their appearance in advance of the changing weather and changing seasons.  Just as the trees in my front yard lose their leaves  to prevent them from becoming damaged by snow and ice when winter comes, so too our own sales processes must always be changing to stay ahead of changes in the market. Those market changes could impact our sales in a negative manner if we fail to adapt.

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