One of the topics salespeople and sales managers ask me about the most is how to best implement a price increase.    For some salespeople, this is one of the most challenging interactions with their customers.  There are even some salespeople who avoid it all costs — but this path ends up costing them and their company dearly!

On our new website, we’ve gone to great lengths to give you the resources you want.  We have an entire category in our article section dedicated to Selling a Price Increase.

Cruise through these articles and I am confident you will glean tips you can start using immediately.

At the minimum, my hope is that you will stop feeling bad about price increases — stop thinking that your customer “deserves” to be treated better.   Relevant price increases are what allow you and your company to do what you do, which is provide your customers with superb products and service.

The lens you look through makes all the difference.

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