I’m going to reveal to you the secrets of top performing salespeople. Are you ready?

I have had the privilege of writing A Mind for Sales among other sales-oriented books to help people like you develop the strategies necessary for success.

Along the way, I have worked with thousands upon thousands of salespeople all over the world in several different industries. (Some of which include Salesforce, Lenovo, American Express and EASA.)

Over that time, I have created a list of what techniques and behaviors make a strong business. Today, I’m going to share ten of those with you.

If you want more, I dive into detail in A Mind for Sales, which can be purchased here.

Video – Secrets of Top Performing Salespeople

1. Goal Driven

That’s nothing new. Top performing salespeople look at their goals every morning and ask themselves, “Am I zeroed in today on moving forward to achieving that goal?” They do not allow themselves to get sideways.


2. Process Centered

Process-centered means they have a specific way in which they do everything. They create a sales process and stick with it. They develop an efficient and effective way to write up contracts and stick with it. They know exactly how to complete every single piece and stay focused in how they do it.

Top performing salespeople are process-centered, which keeps them from questioning themselves on the details.

They know exactly what they are going to do and when they are going to do it.


3. Peers and Influencers

The most successful salespeople are the ones who rely on strong peers and influencers.

One of the things I love is OPM: Other People’s Minds. Top performing salespeople have other people’s minds at their access to help them navigate through challenges. They have peers and influencers they often turn to for inspiration and to gain insights.

You probably know by now that you are the sum of who you hang out with. You know how to get gas in your tank because of the people you associate yourself with.


4. Protects Time

Time is the only resource that is finite. You can create more of just about everything else, but there are only 24 hours in a day. Therefore, successful salespeople know how to protect time – this means they do not schedule a lengthy list of things to do.

Top performing salespeople block out time around each task in their calendar and do not allow their work to expand the amount of time available.

They get their work done in the time that they assign to it, and this is what makes a big difference between average and incredible salespeople.


5. Grows the Mind

Top performing salespeople are in tune with growing their mind. I know some amazing salespeople who will routinely spend one to two hours every night just studying their industry.

You may not have an hour or two, but you do have 15 minutes. I am going to challenge you to spend 15 minutes a day learning about your industry. What’s amazing is if you do that every day for six months, you will be struck by how much smarter you will be than the average salesperson you are competing against.


6. Nurtures the Network

I want you to nurture your network of people and customers by giving them referrals, helping them and working with them.

By doing so, you are actually building yourself as you nurture your network. In turn, your network will reward you. That said, do not expect a ‘straight-line shot.’ Regardless, you will receive rewards by nurturing your network.


7. Consistent

Top performing salespeople are consistent with everything they do. I know who have told me they have the exact same thing for lunch every day. That way, there is no decision they have to make; they just eat the exact same thing.

They are consistent because it allows them to be efficient.

I’m not just talking in the context of lunch, though – successful salespeople are also consistent in how they deal with their sales process. In other words, they do not haphazardly spend a little time on something here and there.

Let’s bring number two back in: Being process centered. Top performing salespeople hold the same schedule each day – you can expect each Tuesday at 9:00 AM and every Thursday at 4:00 PM to look the same, for example.

They start the week doing the exact same thing. They are very consistent and, as a result, they are very disciplined with their time, mind and resources.


8. Focused

This alone separates average salespeople from great salespeople.

Top performing salespeople do not get caught up in the shiny objects. Focused people get more done because they do not allow for distractions and know what their goals are.

If you’ll remember, number one was to be goal driven. Successful salespeople know exactly what they need to achieve any given day and remain absolutely focused on it. They know what the customer is looking for and stay focused on it – they are 100% zeroed in.


9. Personal Attitude

Can you imagine a top performing salesperson having a negative attitude?

You may say, “They can afford to have a good attitude because they’re top performing!” Well, which do you think came first?

The most successful salespeople never look at themselves as ‘having a bad day.’ They instead look at themselves as having a day filled with opportunities.

They have an opportunistic perspective towards everything.

Have you ever noticed how a bad attitude leaves you feeling worn out and tired? Attitude significantly affects your confidence, competence, energy, your ability to listen and so much more.

You will succeed in ways you’ve never imagined when you adopt a good attitude because it affects more things than you can imagine.


10. Customer Focused

They know the customer is what pays the bills, and they want to make a difference with the customers. This does not mean top performing salespeople ‘roll over and play dead’ for the customer and essentially give them what they want. It means they are always looking to understand what outcome the customer is looking to achieve, and they are focused on getting them there.


I talk about these secrets and more in my book, A Mind for Sales. Pick it up, read it and leave a review on Amazon! Lastly, do make the changes you need to make so that you too can become a top performing salesperson.

Great selling.

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