Do you know that ideas mean nothing until you turn them into action?  Sounds basic enough, but so many people become paralyzed at the “idea stage.”  And what happens when you get stuck in “idea stage”?  Your sales and your sales motivation start to suffer.

The “idea stage” is where too much thinking goes on and not nearly enough “get out and do it.”  It’s a common problem and we all have it. We all love to think up great ideas, and then in the next instance, we turn the idea into a goal that we somehow begin to think we can accomplish it.

There is nothing wrong with all of this except for one simple thing — it remains just an idea upon which you never actually work, let alone accomplish.  I’m a firm believer in setting goals and for that matter big goals. I like to think my motto is something close to “If you’re going to think big, you might as well think very big.”  Think big, but then do something about it.  More importantly, do something about it right away. Sure, the idea you’ve come up might be huge and require a long period of time to achieve it, but that does not forgo the need to start working on the idea immediately.

The reason most ideas never turn into anything is people don’t get working on them.  Take the idea you’ve been thinking about lately and do something today to move it forward!  If you’re challenged by the size of the idea, then start by doing the next best thing and break the idea down into a number of smaller ideas. Then take one of the smaller ideas and start working on it. 

In the end, your thinking is not the problem.  The problem is in the action (or shall we say, the lack of action).   What’s your idea, what’s your goal and what are you doing today to help accomplish it? Get to moving. Your sales motivation depends on it.

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