It’s easy to view purchasing departments as evil, but would a different approach serve you better?

So many salespeople have told me stories about much they can’t stand working with purchasing departments that I have lost count. I’ve heard every reason, but let’s cut to the chase.  When a salesperson does nothing more than bash a purchasing department, the only thing they’re doing is chipping away at their own personal motivation and credibility.

Talking negatively or even thinking negatively isn’t going to help the situation one bit.   It’s more important to view purchasing departments as one of their company’s assets, because they are.  It’s more important to view the employees of the purchasing department as dedicated employees, which they are.  It’s also more important to view them as an intellectual resource of your selling process, which they are.

Do you see the difference? Instead of viewing purchasing departments as obstacles, a better approach is to respect them for the professional job they’re doing. More importantly, their insights and knowledge are critical components of your sales process.

A very interesting thing to keep in mind is the typical buyer will deal with far more salespeople over the course of their career than a salesperson will deal with buyers.  This means the buyer is a lot smarter about knowing what makes you tick than you are in knowing what makes them tick.

When you begin to view them in a professional manner, not only when you’re with them, but also when you’re not with them, you will find your attitude and approach toward them changing. You’ll be amazed at how far your relationship with them will go.

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