Too many times in our quest for success, we believe that if we just find a way to complete the quest, we will suddenly find success.  As we think through the idea, we then immediately think about how that would be a perfect goal. Before we know it, we have a new goal we’re racing after.

The problem is simple. Too many times we come up with the goal and then fail to do anything about it in terms of finding a way to achieve the goal.  Time begins to take hold and we either reconcile in our minds why that goal is no longer relevant or that we won’t be able to accomplish it due to some outside force we don’t have control over.   As soon as we start thinking either of those ideas, we are doomed for failure. Not only do we wind up not achieving our goal, but we also begin to accept the fact that we can’t achieve any of our goals.

It’s for this reason I believe we need to be setting goals that are easily accomplished. Not that I’m looking for an easy way out, but rather what I’m looking for is sustained success and the ability to not just achieve one item, but to achieve one item after another.   

Take a break from setting any more goals. Get to work on achieving goals you’ve already set.

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