There is power in just two little questions: “Why?” and “Will you tell me more?”

Why do salespeople always try to prove how smart they are by asking complex questions?   We need to put our ego aside and let the customer talk. The best way to do this? Ask simple, short questions.

I’ve noticed too many times when a salesperson asks a long question, they tend to get a lousy answer. In fact, many times they don’t get an answer at all — rather they get a confused look from the customer.  Here are some helpful tips:

Break your questions up, so the customer doesn’t feel like they are being bombarded with questions.

Keep them simple and most of all let the customer drive the discussion.  I have a saying I like to use: “Short questions get you long answers; long questions get you short answers.”

Try it today! Refrain from asking your typical long drawn out questions that you think are so good, and instead merely ask the customer “Why?” and/or “Will you tell me more?”  After this, listen closely. Let them drive you.

If you really assess the questions you’ve been asking, you’ll probably find that what you’ve been doing is asking 2-3 questions at the same time. No wonder the customer is confused. Slow down, break them up and ask them one at a time. You will be amazed at what you learn.  Your sales and sales motivation depend on how well you master skills like this.

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