Who are the top five people who help motivate you? Who do you motivate?

Others help motivate us and we help motivate others. In my training sessions, I love to ask people who impacts them and why. I’m always surprised at the number of people who claim they don’t have anybody who significantly impacts them.

Look for those with whom you come in contact or people you can follow in the media, not to be enamored by them but to observe and find things you can learn from. It’s this type of social observation that can help us not only grow professionally and personally, but also help us maintain a high level of sales motivation. In the same way, there are very likely others who are watching and learning from us. This is a huge responsibility as it calls for us to be cognizant that what we say and what we do are potentially influencing someone. To me that is also sales motivation, as it calls into play the need to be the professional responsible person I know I need to be in all situations.

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