Last week I was with a salesperson who told me how high his sales motivation was and how effective he was as a salesperson. I listened with respect but found something interesting. His words weren’t matching his actions. He told me in one breath how motivated he was and in the next breath he was trash-talking his company and his customers.

He went on and on, telling me how he hated some of his customers and how they didn’t know what they were doing. I found all of this interesting, because if he truly did have a high level of sales motivation, he would have been talking positively about his company, his customers and everything else. This got me thinking how one way we can all quickly measure our own level of sales motivation is how freely and how positively do we talk about what we sell and the enjoyment we get from it.

If we’re not talking positively about what it is we do and we would rather spend our time trash-talking, then clearly our sales motivation is not where it needs to be. If you’re a sales manager, pay attention to what your sales team is saying and how they’re saying. You’ll find out very quickly where their heads are at and whether their level of sales motivation is worth anything.

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