Never allow talk of a price increase to derail your sales motivation. I’ve been talking with salespeople lately, and one complaint I commonly hear is how their company is planning to take a price increase and how difficult it is going to be for them to share the news with their customers. I have one very quick response — “Get over it!”

If you’re stewing about a price increase and the work or the hassles it may cause you, then you’ve got some major problems. Price increases are part of the value proposition of any product or service. The cornerstone of that value proposition is you — the salesperson. If you’re sitting there complaining about not being able to execute a price increase, then what you’re saying is that you are not a competent salesperson. I bet that runs counter to what you think of your selling skills.

The opportunity to execute a price increase is just that — an opportunity! It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your sales expertise. Here’s an analogy…a great golfer doesn’t look at a certain hole on the course as being “too tough” and therefore chooses not to play the hole. No! The golfer goes after the hole with a determination and a level of confidence that they are going to succeed. For you as a salesperson, it’s the same thing — the privilege you have in executing a price increase is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills. Jump over to my website at www.TheSalesHunter.com and check out the various resources, including articles and audio and video programs on this subject. You can also find me on YouTube. In fact, here’s a video on Why Price Increases Fail. Never stop learning!

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