Be sure to talk with your hands, whether it be when you’re talking on the phone or in person. It’s amazing how much it reinforces what you’re saying by showing your conviction and confidence.

It doesn’t matter how tight you are with money, spend the cash to get a headset to allow you to talk without your hands being tied up holding the receiver. No matter who you are, we all speak with our hands, and we all speak with more confidence, energy and authority when we use your hands. Nothing will kill a telephone sales call faster than a voice that lacks energy. Use your hands to help increase your level of energy. Keep in mind this does require you buy the top-of-the-line headset. I’m not going to recommend a specific one, because the type you need will vary based on the type of phone you have and the quality of your connections.

When you speak with your hands while talking on the phone, use the same gestures you would if you were talking to the person face-to-face. This also will help you to be more comfortable and will help increase your listening skills.

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