Relationship buyers are not looking for a price-based strategy.

On the surface, this may sound like a no-brainer, but let me explain further. When a salesperson has too deep of a relationship with a customer, the salesperson will tend to offer that customer items not offered to other customers. This may include allowing the customer to buy at the old price after the new price has taken effect or allowing the customer a few extra days to pay. The problem is the quality of the relationship can begin to cloud the profitability of the customer.

I’m all in favor of having quality relationships with customers, but the benefits must go both ways. I have seen far too many relationships be one-sided, where the salesperson thinks they have a good relationship with the customer, and in reality the only thing the customer is trying to do is get a better deal. Customers who are truly looking for a relationship in terms of customer support and assistance are looking to you for confidence. They are not looking to you to be the low-price leader. You should actively work to build high-quality relationships, but use them to help you sell consultatively and not on price.

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