Divide your annual goal by 10 to determine what you must sell each month.  Achieving 10% of your annual goal each month will ensure you not only make your annual number, but go past it.

Doesn’t it seem like every year we all seem to set goals only to end up short?  I believe that the main reason why this occurs is that we fail to break the goal down into small, achievable parts.  As those parts as accomplished, it allows us to achieve the overall goal.  Compounding this problem is that many salespeople set unrealistic goals at a level that is either dramatically too high or  low.  Either way, the salesperson can become fixated on the annual number and not realize the importance of the impact they have on the goal each and every day.

The strategy I have of breaking your annual goal down and targeting to accomplish 10% of it each month will not only help you achieve it at year’s end, but also go past it.   It’s important to have a plan that takes you beyond your annual goal to cover yourself for those situations where you can’t hit everything you want to.  If you take your annual goal and break it down evenly by 12 months, you will run the risk of coming up short.  Push yourself to accept the higher goal you’re working towards as what is necessary for success.

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