It’s disappointing to see that 22% of the respondents said that the economy will not rebound until 2010. I’ve been a firm believer that we’ll start to see economic recovery in the 2nd quarter of 2009. It won’t be uniform across all industries by any means, but we will see a number of industries starting to ramp up. If I’m wrong, it’s ok given that all along I’ve been saying how important it is to maintain a high level of sales and marketing effort.

The worst thing anyone can do is to put all of their eggs into one basket and assume the economy is going to turn-around in a given quarter. I like to use the example of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and how she put her total effort into “Super Tuesday,” the primary date in early Febuary, 2008.  She anticipated that because of the number of states voting that day, she would be able to knock all of her competition out of the presidential race. We all know how that turned out.  That’s why I say the best results are achieved by delivering a solid sales and marketing message day in and day out.

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