What do you do for your customers that truly separates you from others?  If you can’t think what it is, then how do you expect your customers to?  Take some time to ponder this as 2009 begins.  It’s bound to make this new year your best yet!

Especially with today’s economy, it’s essential to know why people buy from you.  People are looking to validate their decisions even more and this means the successful salesperson is the one who stands apart and brings true value to their customers.  However, this has nothing to do with being the lowest price.  Rather, it’s all about enabling the customer to see a difference before they buy and to feel a sense of confirmation after they buy.  This rule applies whether you’re selling something tangible or a service.

The easiest way to find out what makes you different is by asking both your customers and those who chose not to buy from you.  You’ll be amazed at what you learn.  And, the earlier you learn it, the more you’ll benefit from it.

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