Use the month of December to reach out to everyone of your customers, prospects, and even those customer that have fallen into the “inactive” list with a phone call wishing them a great Holiday / Christmas season and thanking them for their business.

Many of you are reading this and thinking it’s a fine idea for the local garden club or a low-life country club membership, but I’m very serious when I say this. I base this not only on the need everyone has to connect with people at all levels, but also the fact that things have become very impersonal, again at all levels of business. Sending out Christmas cards, calendars, and the usual are all fine, but when you back it up with a phone call, the impact can be amazing. Even though the calls aren’t going to connect with everyone, no one will flat out reject them. In addition, for those whom you do connect with, it is a great way to either rebuild a relationship or find out new opportunities to serve the customer over the coming year.

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