F.D.P.O.V. = Fact Driven Point of View
You can increase your sales ability by ensuring that your P.O.V. is supported by facts.

Most people think their point of view is always correct and that everyone else should believe it. For salespeople, this fact is a difficult issue, especially if a level of trust has not been developed with the customer. I believe that your point of view will always be discounted to the level of trust the customer has with you. The lower their level of trust, the more your point of view needs to be supported by the “FD” (simply, the facts). When you present your point of view based on facts, it’s going to be much more readily accepted. If you have a new relationship with the customer and, as a result, there is not a high level of trust, backing up your point of view with facts will help them see that you are trustworthy.

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