Success does not come from answers you know.  It comes from the questions you ask.

Over the years, I’ve found that people who are insecure in their role are the first ones to spout off about everything they know.  They do this as a way of trying to show everyone how smart they are.  On the other hand, people who are secure in their role are very comfortable not being the one who has to dominate every discussion.  They are very comfortable asking questions.  They see their role as working to try and find an even better solution than they would have initially thought was possible. 

This is so important to us in sales.  Our ability to ask questions to uncover new needs, new applications, and to, ultimately, develop better solutions for the client and us is what moves a salesperson to a higher level of success.  In my role as a consultant on the subject of sales, I find myself in this position frequently.  I see my number one job is to ask questions.  The more questions I ask, the more I’m able to help the client see what their potential opportunity really is. 

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