Did you create some reading goals this summer?  If so, remember that reading is not doing.  Until you actually put into practice the things you have learned, you haven’t done much.  Make sure your goals include “living out” the content.

People are always giving me great book recommendations.  (In fact, it tends to be how I determine what to read.)  However, I’m constanly amazed at how a book filled with “incredible business solutions” is highly recommended by someone, but I’ll rarely see that person executing the ideas.  This often leaves me wondering:  Why even bother to read a business book?   Go read a novel instead!  (They’re probably cheaper.) 

If you’re going to read a business book or any type of book geared to provide you with ideas, then the least you can do is put the ideas you embrace into action!  Don’t just read it, do it!  Otherwise, you’re no different than the person who loves to read golf magazines, but never sets foot on a golf course.

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