“It’s not about having the right opportunities.  It’s about handling the opportunities right.”

Every day, I get at least one email or phone call from somebody who is sharing with me their pain regarding the slowing economy.  The discussion always focuses on how they’re having to work a lot harder to keep things going. 

Salespeople in particular are subject to being victims of what I call the “shiny object syndrome.”  This happens when a salesperson suddenly runs across a lead they believe is the next greatest and biggest opportunity they’ll ever find.  They get caught up in chasing a dream that, in reality, is only one that they’ve created in their own mind.  After exerting a huge amount of effort pursuing this “shiny object”, they either realize it’s not going to payout or they suddenly fall victim to the next new one that comes along.

When times are difficult, it’s more important than ever to remain very focused.  Stick to your objectives.  Make them as tight as possible.  Don’t chase leads for the sake of chasing leads.  You’ll do yourself more good by tightening your prospect list and drilling down deeper with a tighter list of leads than trying to cast your net far and wide.  Your most valuable asset is your time.  Use it wisely with your prospects.  Let your advertising and marketing efforts chase the shiny objects, suspects, and distant leads.   Your goals are to have your advertising / marketing create the awareness and stir a level of interest in the suspect, and to build the level of confidence your prospects have in you.  Because people are being more hesitant to make a decision, it further increases the level of confidence they must have in you.  To build this level of confidence, it requires face time, dialogue, and a competent style of selling.

Finally, don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.  You only have to look at the economy over the last 100 years to see cycles like we’re in.  No doubt the economy will turn.  No doubt the issues we’re facing will one day fade away.  Keep on selling.  The groundwork you put down now will result in rewards later.

Feel free to call or email with your questions.  I’ll be happy to provide you with more specific ideas to help you deal with today’s economy.

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