When you are closing a sale, make sure you confidently convey your ability and desire to help your customer.  A perfect technique for this is called the “Assumptive Close.”  To use it, merely state something like, “I’ll arrange for it to be here tomorrow.”  This not only communicates your assumption that the customer is going to buy from you, but also that you are capable of meeting their needs. Over the years, I’ve watched many salespeople get on a roll and close everything in sight.  Unfortunately, I’ve also seen the opposite and most of the time, the underlying reason for their lack of success is their level of confidence when it comes time to close.  I am amazed at the number of people that fall apart right at the most critical time.  If you can’t close your customer with confidence, then there’s no reason at all for you to waste your time or your customer’s time by even making the sales call.

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