It’s amazing where we can find a sales training lesson. I have yet to see the movie, Sicko, but I have seen a number of reviews, rebuttals, etc. regarding the wide use of facts and figures presented by Michael Moore. Every review uses their own set of facts and figures to knock down the credibility of the movie. After it’s all said and done, the only thing to really believe is the realization that you have to question every number or fact presented in the movie or in the media.

The corresponding sales lesson is simple: anytime you’re on a sales call, you have to make sure the facts and figures you’re using are believable and credible to the customer / prospect. The best way to validate your information is by having a question prepared that you can ask regarding each number or fact you present. In this way, you’re getting the customer involved and you’re securing their validation before you move on. I’ve watched too many sales go up in flames because some facts and figures presented early on did not jive with what the customer / prospect was expecting.

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