I have been talking about the informed calling method and why it is so important to your prospecting plan. You can check out my previous posts on it here and here.

When you’re using the informed calling method to prospect, be sure the information you’re sharing with the prospect is what they will find of value.   Sharing with them test results that show your product is superior to your competitor’s is not what they want to hear.

The information you share must be relevant to the other person.

The best way to do this is by using items you find on blog sites or news sites. The more current the information is, the better the light you’ll be seen in.  Last thing you want to do is call a prospect and leave a voicemail message about something that occurred six months ago.

Don’t be concerned that what you might be sharing with them is something they might know already.  The objective is not only to share something with them, but also to find  out what they think about it.

I’ll say it’s the latter part that makes a huge difference, especially if you’re reaching out to senior level people in a company or someone who has a large ego.

When you ask them for their opinion, you must accept it regardless of what they share with you.  The opinion they share might be totally different than yours, but remember that you asked and you should definitely listen.

A great way to demonstrate how well you listen is by asking them a follow-up question on what they shared with you.  Nothing conveys listening better than a follow-up question.

Your objective with the informed calling process is to establish a relationship either live or via voicemail that allows the other person to begin to have confidence in you.

Prospects will become customers when they have confidence. Better yet, the more confidence they have, the more they will be willing to pay.

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