We’ve covered five of the six secrets to sales prospecting success, and now we are at number six: Support.

Successful salespeople are rarely successful by themselves.

Yes, they might appear to do it all themselves, but behind the scene there are people supporting them.

I’m not talking about administrative staff or assistants helping to do their paperwork.  What I’m talking about are people who are supporting them by being a positive influence and helping motivate them.

Successful people associate with successful people, and in so doing, they feed and support each other.  Sales prospecting can exhaust even the strongest of people, so it’s important they have a way to recharge their mental batteries.

Over the years I’ve watched many average salespeople become superstars based primarily on one item — their ability to connect with and associate with top performing salespeople.   Reach out, find one or two very strong salespeople with whom you can connect via the telephone or over a cup of coffee a couple of times a month.

Use your time together to both challenge and support each other.  Use the meetings to bounce ideas and techniques off one another and to ultimately hold each other accountable for doing what you need to be doing.

As much as it’s important to associate with positive top performing people, it’s just as important to not spend any more time than necessary with salespeople who have a negative attitude.

Negative people want to do one thing, and that is get everyone around them to join in the negativity.  Don’t!  You can’t afford it.  The more you allow yourself to associate with negative people, the more likely you are to become negative yourself.

Sales prospecting is as much a mind game as it is a process game.  The beautiful thing about having a support group is they will help you with both your sales motivation and keeping you positive.  You will begin to sharpen your sales process in ways you can’t imagine!

Some people will say how they don’t have time to meet with somebody in a manner like this.  My response is you can’t afford to not make the time.

Being able to spend time with positive successful salespeople will always pay for itself through increased sales performance.

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