People ask me all the time what does it take to be successful when it comes to developing new leads.

The first thing people always think is they have to have a good source or area where they can get leads and then magically turn them into great customers.

Sure, I won’t discount the value of good lead sources, but what I will say is I’ve watched far too many salespeople botch good leads — and great salespeople turn what appear to be poor leads into great customers.

Here’s my list of what I say are the 6 secrets you need to master if you’re going to become a sales prospecting expert:

1. Confidence.

The most important trait I believe  you have to have to be a success in sales prospecting is confidence in yourself and your process.

2. Follow-through.

Salespeople are far too quick to believe there’s no chance a lead is going to turn into a customer. The tendency to make a call or two and then give up is the norm for the vast majority of salespeople.

3. Telephone skills.

Many salespeople have the belief they can somehow do all of their prospecting with email. Sorry, no way. Sure, email does have a place and it can be an effective tool, but to think it’s the only tool is a recipe for failure.

4. Benefit statements.

Remember the key is to gear the communication toward what the prospect is going to want to hear. This is not about you. The sales prospecting expert understands that and gears the message accordingly.

5. Tenacity.

The experts don’t give up. They keep going long after other salespeople have called it quits.

6. Support.

Top performers know they can’t do anything alone. They know the importance of having support, not only to help them through the tough times, but also to give them a source for ideas.

I’m sure you’re surprised at what I have on the list and what I don’t have on the list. I’m fine with that. What I will say is my list does not come together on a whim. It’s built on years of experience watching and working with thousands of salespeople from the top of the sales food-chain all the way to the bottom.

Let me know your thoughts and why.  Feel free to comment!

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