Your sales motivation should not be driven by the state of the economy – period! Every day we hear the negative news, but despite what they are saying, YOU drive your level of motivation, not the economy. There are many companies that are currently experiencing growth, including my own business. It’s important to keep things in perspective. The economy might not be doing what we want it to, but only if you have a 100% market share of your category and there’s no way for you to grow within or beyond it should you be concerned about the economy. The fact is that I’ve yet to meet anyone in that position, and for that reason alone, opportunities still exist. I agree that some segments are in trouble, but unless you have 100% of that segment, there’s business you can get from someone else.

So, relax! Forget about the economy. Be positive! Accept the fact that nobody is going to give you business. You are going to have to go out and find it. It’s there because your competition is not working as hard as you are, they are not willing to do what you’re willing to do, and they are not as smart as you. Your competition is caught up lamenting the economy. You, on the other hand, are focused on getting out there, serving your customers, and making sure every prospect becomes your next best customer.

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