Businessman selecting an arrow pointing up with a world map on the backgroundWho is the sales role model you pattern yourself after?

Surprising to me is the number of people who don’t have a sales role model.

Only the very top performing salespeople tend to have role models.  Does that make you think that possibly one of the reasons they’re a top performer is because they have a role model?

A role model does not necessarily need to be someone you personally know.

It’s merely someone you know enough about and you can benchmark what you do against what they do. Role models are those people you aspire to be more like. They’re the sales giant you one day want to become.

Who is your sales role model?  If you don’t have one, begin the process by brainstorming on who you could use as your sales role model.  Watch others and while you’re watching, begin to make a note of the positive traits you see in them and ask yourself whether you have similar traits.

The ability to learn from others is critical.   Use others as your test lab.  As you observe others, the point isn’t to focus on people who are operating at a level lower than you. These are not the people you want to be watching. Be on the lookout for the top-performers.

Look not just within your own industry, but look at other industries as well.  Reason I like this is because it can begin to open your mind to new ideas.   Some of the ideas you see may not be 100% transferable to your industry, but undoubtedly there are pieces.

Role models can be a significant source for your personal growth. The best thing is it doesn’t cost anything and the learning is real.

This week, make a list of top performers you see or know about.  As you build your list, add the traits you see in them that makes them a top performer.

With each trait you record, ask yourself how you measure up.   Even if you don’t wind up being able to identify a role model, you still will have developed a key list of traits you can measure yourself with.

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