Sales Motivation: Who is Responsible for It?

If you have followed this blog for even a short time, you know how I feel about sales motivation.

No one can motivate another person.

A sales manager or a colleague can certainly help create an environment where sales motivation can thrive, but ultimately each person is responsible for their own attitude… their own momentum… their own motivation.

We are heading into the fourth quarter of 2012.  There is no time to waste in ending 2012 on a highly profitable note. Your sales motivation has a lot to do with your level of success.

How would you answer these questions:

1. Am I easily discouraged by “slow times” in my month or do these “setbacks” compel me to become more determined in my efforts?

2. When I find myself around people with negative attitudes, do I allow their attitudes rub off on me or do I intentionally choose to limit my time with these people?

3. Am I a leader within my organization when it comes to demonstrating positive motivation regardless of the circumstances?

How you answer these three questions speaks volumes about your own perspective on sales motivation.

Ultimately, who is responsible for it?

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4 thoughts on “Sales Motivation: Who is Responsible for It?”

  1. Good questions. In days of old, one of the major IT companies had a great pair of brothers selling for them with the following motivating slogan: “Just go sell something!”.
    The extended version of the slogan is that for you to actually sell something you have to focus on activities and events outside of yourself, and that takes away focus on what may not be correct in your own life right now.

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