Too many sales managers and salespeople blow off the need for quality sales training thinking they can handle it all themselves. As long as they just stay motivated, they think they will be okay. Nothing can be more wrong and more damaging to your sales motivation.

Sure, attitude is more important than skill. I’ve believed that for years with regards to sales, but at the same time, even the person with the best attitude will eventually suffer if they don’t allow their skills to grow. I recently saw this play out with a salesperson with whom I came in contact. This person was flying high with a level of sales motivation that would not quit, but when I had a chance to experience the person’s sales skills, I couldn’t believe the train wreck I was watching. The person claimed to have been trained by the best, but the only thing he knew was a bunch of boring product features. A short time later, I ran into the person again and this time it was completely different. The person’s level of sales motivation was through the floor and their level of sales skills had not improved one bit. The result — a busted salesperson and a company struggling with how to make their numbers.

If you want to be the best, you have to continually work to be the best. This means working consisitently to improve both your sales skills and your attitude. In fact, these go hand-in-hand. Start by asking yourself this question: What are the top 5 benefits your customers are looking to satisfy with what you have to offer?

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