Top performing salespeople are salespeople who take full responsibility for anything and everything that both goes right and goes wrong with their customers. When you fail to take responsibility, you’re telling your customer you’re not a leader and you’re not doing anything to increase the level of confidence your customers have with you.

Being responsible means you will work to find solutions and you will stick with a problem until it’s been dealt with in a manner the customer will accept. When you fail to take responsibility, not only are you demonstrating to your customer a lack of confidence, but you are also denying yourself the opportunity to deepen your relationship with the customer and find additional ways to serve the customer.

Be responsible, take ownership and demonstrate your leadership. When you do, you’ll increase the level of confidence your customer has with you. From an integrity standpoint, it’s the right thing to do. In addition, it more than likely will translate into additional opportunities for you to expand your profit with them. Finally, by taking ownership, you will also become more confident yourself. This can’t help but increase your level of sales motivation.

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