Make every day a “sales training day” and challenge yourself to learn something new you can use to help you sell more effectively. Ask yourself the question at the end of the day, “What did I learn?” At the start of each day, remind yourself to remain open for new ideas and perspectives that you can use to help sell more effectively. Don’t forget to WRITE THEM DOWN. We may think we will “remember” a great idea, only to have it disappear if we don’t write it down.

If you set yourself up to find ideas you’ll find them. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to remain stuck on what you’ve always been doing, then you’ll always keep getting what you’ve been getting. Over time it will slowly fade away until you eventually are stuck trying to sell in a new world with an outdated sales process.

You deserve better and should seek to always be improving yourself. Never stop learning and growing, and your sales will reflect it.

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