November and December are full of holidays, and every company and every employee will have variations to their sales strategy during this time. Take the time now, regardless of your sales role, to lay out your calendar for the next several months. Plan right now what days you’re going to be out, and what events may impede your ability to makes sales calls and follow-up on leads. Next, start getting on to your calendar those activities you know you’re going to need to do to close sales before the end of the year with your current customers and prospects.

When you start laying out dates, allow yourself time for last minute changes. In particular, allow extra time for those customers who make decisions via a committee. The last thing you want to have happen to you now is to suddenly see a 4th quarter sale not materialize until January because somebody was out of the office for a few days. Taking the time now will allow you to be more prepared for the wiggles and the shakes that will undoubtedly occur. In turn, your level of sales motivation will not be negatively impacted due to outside situations.

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