An article I recently wrote — “Why Customer Service Destroys Salespeople” — was published by Eyes on Sales and has been selected as one of the top 10 articles for October. You can vote for the article at the site (www.Top10SalesArticles.com).

Sure, the accolades are nice, but I share it with you to bring up a more important matter: There are countless avenues out there for you to boost your sales motivation. You have likely heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion.” When we look at this from a sales motivation perspective, what it means is that the more you feed your sales motivation, the more momentum you will build. In other words, the more you glean positive tips from various resources (books, speakers, sites, peers), the more you strengthen your ability to go out and sell. And that’s ultimately what we all want to be doing more of — selling!

Take the time to peruse www.Top10SalesArticles.com, as well as www.TopSalesExperts.com. You will likely glean a few new tips!

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