Are you regularly taking a good look at your sales processes? Each week, try to reflect on the past week, reviewing what went well and what didn’t go well. This is key… don’t just focus on what didn’t go as you would have preferred, but also celebrate your successes.

When you celebrate what went well and you identify what didn’t go well, you are then in a position to determine changes you need to make to improve in the upcoming week. Obviously, you want to replicate the factors that lead to success and you want to alter the processes that didn’t go so smoothly in previous weeks.

Some salespeople may think they don’t have time to reflect, review and redo. Is this a huge waste of time? Absolutely not. If you are a salesperson who isn’t consistently taking a good look back and then using this information to boost your sales motivation going forward, then achieving your goals increasingly will become frustrating at best and impossible at worst.

So take some time each week to reflect, review and redo. Your sales motivation is worth it!

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