Are you struggling to keep your sales motivation high in this tough economy?  I’m receiving more and more phone calls and emails from people asking me what they should do.  Here’s another quick idea for you:  read books on history.  That’s right!  Read a book or two regarding a famous person or event that ultimately made a huge impact on future generations.  By spending a few minutes a day reading about someone who went through their own struggles only to end up achieving a significant accomplishment, it will help you put your own situation into perspective.  Think about it.  In every economic downturn, political upheaval, or social unrest, there have always been great people and great things that emerged from them.   In fact, I’ll contend that more great business ideas emerge from difficult times than from good ones.

Your sales motivation is not just driven by your job performance.  It’s also driven by the person you are and what you allow to influence you.

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