If you expect to keep your level on sales motivation up, you must stay tightly focused on your goal. With the economy the way it is and sales are not happening at the rate you expect them to, it becomes very tempting to start chasing after the latest “shiny object.” At one time or another, we’ve all done this.  When sales are slow and something suddenly appears that you think will cure it, you chase after it. Unfortunately, what usually happens is you wind up wasting your time and effort on a worthless cause and as a result, you are even more demotivated. 

The more you stay focused on your goal by maintaining the sales actions necessary to achieve it, the more success you’ll have. This means that you need to make those prospecting and follow-up calls. Then remember after each step to think through how the outcome of that step is moving you closer to your goal. Ask yourself after each sales call, each phone call, and even each email. By doing so, you’ll stay focused on accomplishing those actions that are the most productive in terms of helping you achieve your sales goal.

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