We’re quickly coming to the end of the 1st quarter! It’s very important to assess where we’re at in terms of keeping pace with our 2011 goals. This is vital to your sales motivation! If you don’t have any goals for 2011, then we have an entirely different problem. Rather than discussing that now, sit down and write out your 2011 goals right now. For those of you with 2011 goals, let me share a few ideas from my own experience.

My goals for 2011 include several key items and a number of smaller items. By achieving the smaller items, I’ll be in a very good position to achieve my big goals. As we near the end of the 1st quarter, I find myself falling short with one of my major goals, while my other two major goals look good. Let me share with you what I’m doing about my current situation and how the below insights may help guide you.

First, I’m not passing blame on anyone else or anything in particular. Yes, there have been plenty of very good reasons as to why I’m not doing better with the goal where I’m falling short. I’m not going to pass blame though. I’m going to accept full responsibility. The good thing is it’s still very early in the year and with the right amount of focus, I can get back on track with this particular goal.

What I have to do, however, is assess what I’m going to have to change to achieve my goal. By changing now rather than waiting until September to change, I’ll be better off.  While I’m working on getting back on track with this goal, I’m also congratulating myself for the two goals where I’m doing well. The success I’m having with this two goals gives me the motivation to be more pro-active on the one where I’m falling short.

This right here is one of the key reasons why people fail to achieve their goals and stay motivated. Sales motivation is about having the presence of mind to know what needs to be done and being willing to accept full responsibility for it. Too many times we put off what we don’t want to do or put off what we don’t want to look at closely.

It’s no different than the person who is trying to lose weight — but is afraid to weigh themselves because of what the scale might say. Achieving your goals is all about being willing to continually measure them and making the necessary adjustments to achieve them. It is not about sitting around hoping things will change. Hope is not a sales strategy you can take to the bank.

Take 30 minutes in the next couple of days to do a deep dive into reviewing your goals — the major ones and the minor ones. Congratulate yourself for the ones where you’re making good progress. As for the ones that need more of your effort, be honest and determine what you may need to change.

Each Friday I’ll be sharing one sales motivational idea or concept designed to help you improve your own level of sales motivation. This ultimately will improve your sales results. The reason I’ll be doing this on Friday is because I want to encourage you to take 20 minutes every weekend to assess your sales skills and at the same time improve your sales skills and sales motivation.

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I look forward to receiving any questions you may have or ideas you would like me to cover in this weekly shot of Sales Motivation!  I will provide you with as much personal feedback as possible, and at the time, I’ll build a list of material that you and many others would find relevant for this spot each Friday.

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