Who are your heroes? There is a distinct correlation between your sales motivation and your heroes. Recently, I’ve found myself asking salespeople, “Who comes to mind when you think of great salespeople?” It’s amazing — people tend to choose heroes based off of their own personal experiences and their outlook. Highly motivated salespeople select others who have a very high level of sales motivation. Rarely do I find someone selecting someone totally outside of their own frame of reference.

I’ve been talking about this with sales managers the last few months, with the idea being for sales managers to ask their salespeople who their sales heroes. Managers can use this question to gauge the level of sales motivation of their salespeople. It also gives the sales manager a little more perspective into the sales personality of the salesperson. Whether you’re a sales manager or not, ask yourself who your sales heroes are. You will likely discover your outlook on sales in general. We often pattern our lives after those we most respect, so pay close attention to who you hold in high esteem.

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