What are you doing different today from what you did yesterday? Sales development is all about finding the best way to do things. I was struck by an article in the Wall Street Journal about Campbell’s changing the look of their iconic soup cans. What caught my attention is they’re talking the spoon off of the label.

The article explains how they tested each element of the label and found the spoon wasn’t doing anything for them. On the other hand, an item they added was the look of steam coming out of the soup. This is a huge change for Campbell’s, and yet they’re doing it to keep their brand from becoming stale and to help increase sales. I got to thinking about that and how it fits with how we sell. I wondered, “What am I doing that at one time made sense but now doesn’t do anything for my sales?”

Take a good look at your sales processes and activities. What can you find that isn’t a good use of your time? What can you replace it with that would be a better use of your time?

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