The holidays are fast approaching and with them the end of the year for many companies.  Not only is it the end of the financial year for many companies, it also is time when many people take a few extra days off. All of this can work for you or against you in regard to helping you do your sales job and boost your sales motivation.

The key is to be planning now. Take the time to layout how you intend to use your time between now and the end of the year.  Also, start getting appointments firmed up now with all of your major customers. This is a perfect time to do a mini business review with them to discuss 2011. Yes, budgets for next year are typically finalized by now, but the bigger opportunity lies in being able to help them use their remaining 2010 funds.

For many companies profits have been ahead of plan this year, even if their sales have been below plan. This means you can tap into  budgets to get projects started now that may not be finished until 2011.  I like this strategy for one very simple reason. By getting something under way now using 2010 funds, you will be more likely to be able to keep the momentum going in 2011 compared to the project that is going to start from the beginning in the new year.

Take the time right now to determine which of your customers end their fiscal year on December 31.   While you’re at it, make a note for any of your other clients who have fiscal year ends at other times of the year. You can use the same strategy with them when the time comes.

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