If you have not already done so you should start thinking about your professional development goals for 2011.  Notice I’m saying professional development goals and not sales goals.  Too many times we only set sales goals and we don’t take the time to set professional development goals.

Make this part of your annual process and make sure your boss or someone else who can hold you accountable knows what they are.   Sales continues to evolve, and for most salespeople, life becomes a blur chasing one client request after another. Lost in that chaos is any effort toward growing professionally.

One of the easiest goals you can set is to commit yourself to reading 60 minutes a week on the subject of sales.  This may include current books, important websites, sales magazines, etc.  I say this is one of the easiest for this very simple reason: It is one activity you can do virtually anywhere when you have a few extra moments, and it can substantially build your knowledge base and generate new ideas.  It’s a shame more salespeople don’t do it.

I’m working on several goal setting tools to help you with this process. Keep an eye on this blog, as I will be using it in the coming weeks to share the plan in its entirety with you. My goal is to help you significantly step up your sales performance in 2011.

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