sales motivationWe all know how important sales motivation is.

The level of sales motivation a person has is going to be reflected in the level of sales they make.  Conversely, the more sales a person makes, the greater their level of motivation.

This time of year it seems as if there is some holiday we have to work around, whether it be due to days off or a complete closing of a business. Don’t allow a holiday to destroy your motivation. Instead, use every holiday as an opportunity to bump your motivation even higher.

Make holidays a game for you to reward customers with your positive attitude and outlook and, at the same time, a game to become even more efficient.

It can be too easy to use the excuse that due to holidays impacting schedules, your sales results are simply going to be lower. That’s an excuse average salespeople make, but because you are a high-performing salesperson, you simply do not have room for that level of thinking.

Use holidays to your advantage. Use them as opporutnities to connect with people you don’t normally meet. Use them to get meetings with higher level people at an account.  Holidays are not going away, so that means the best way to deal with them is to leverage them.

Be aggressive in finding out what your competitors are going to do in terms of being open and serving customers.  Many times, holiday periods can be an excellent opportunity to pick up new customers, all because their normal vendors are unavailable due to either being closed or on vacation.

To me having competitors out of business over the holidays is music to my ears.  There’s no better way to pick up new business than by being there when others aren’t.

Holidays are a great time! Use holidays to your advantage and remember that the level of sales motivation you have is going to make a direct impact on the level of business you get.

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