Many salespeople take time off this time of year. It can be a great time to enjoy a break, but I also encourage you to pump up your level of sales motivation. Reflect back on the year by making note of the best successes you’ve had. Write them down in a notebook you can access throughout the coming year.

Use your successes of 2009 to drive your sales motivation next year. In fact, strive to surpass these successes in 2010. Each week throughout the new year, take a look at last year’s successes and challenge yourself as to how you’re going to do even better. When you do (and you will!), then celebrate by drawing a big fat “X” through last year’s success and entering your new success. A few areas where you can measure your sales motivation may include: best new customer, best single sale, best referral, best example of overcoming an objection, best job in handling a customer issue, etc.

Identify the key areas in your sales process and make a note. By challenging yourself in the new year, you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to accomplish and how it can help drive your sales motivation.

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