Prospecting is a key part of sales. For many people, their level of sales motivation falls dramatically when they begin to believe they are struggling in the area of prospecting. Quick tip: Always keep handy in your notepad, iPhone, Blackberry, seat of your car, or on the top of your desk a list of prospects with which you have been working. Make the list as long as you possibly can. The idea is to look at the list to increase your sales motivation quickly and often. Merely knowing you have prospects is all it takes to pump you up enough to go to the next level.

Take it one step further and circle the names of the two people or companies on your list you feel have the greatest potential. I’m not saying to use this exact same list as your primary CRM tool. Keep doing whatever you are doing with regards to CRM. Merely have a prospect list like this handy to help you as a sales motivation tool.

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