Don’t slack off now on your sales marketing just because it’s the 4th quarter. It’s easy to think that by merely cutting a couple of email campaigns, a phone blitz or some other marketing awareness activity you normally would be doing that you won’t lose any business. You may even tell yourself that you’ll be saving money in the process. Cutting back now on your marketing efforts is absolutely the worst thing you can do, as there are huge numbers of companies looking to spend money in the 4th quarter or reach decisions now as to who they will do business with come January.

This makes your brand/name awareness campaigns that much more important. In my years of working with clients across numerous industries, I’ve found the 4th quarter typically yields a higher number of new prospects than any other quarter. In many situations, these new prospects come about from the prospect calling the salesperson, based off their need and the knowledge they have of your company, even if it’s just the name of your company. The more you are getting yourself and your company in front of prospects via your marketing efforts, the more prospects you will have that may soon be customers. Don’t slow down in the 4th quarter.

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