When you’re ready to close the sale, your eye contact should only go in two places. Either looking at the item you’re selling, which may include the contract, or directly into the eyes of your customer. Looking at anything else shows a sign of weakness and your customer will notice. When you are verbally delivering your close and the price, you need to make sure your eyes are squarely fixed on the eyes of the customer. If you can’t give your customer eye contact when you’re closing, how do you expect your customer to believe in what you’re selling? How do you even expect you to believe in what you’re selling?

If you’re not confident enough to deliver eye contact at the moment of closing, there is no way you’ll ever achieve a high degree of success. To overcome this problem, I recommend something that many people laugh at, but at the same time, admit it is extremely effective. Each morning, look into a mirror and verbally state your price point 20 times while looking at yourself. Again, it seems stupid, I know. However, I have had more salespeople over the years send me a note or call me and tell me how after they began doing this strange activity on a daily basis, they’ve been able to dramatically increase their closing ratio.

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