If you have a high level of sales motivation, you have a high desire to be continually improving yourself. People who have low sales motivation rarely have a desire to improve, until they reach a point where they know the only option they have is to learn and improve. The difference between the two is the high performer sees learning as a continuous process that allows them to slowly adapt and try new sales concepts and ideas. This gives the person with the high level of sales motivation more time to mold the new concepts into their business which helps drive even better results.

Looking at the person who has the low level of sales motivation, we see a person who only embraces change as necessary to survive. This person is more likely to discard the new sales concepts they’ve learned than the high performer. The reason is simple: Low performers embrace change only long enough to get off the bottom. Once they’re off the bottom, they then begin the slide right back down to the bottom.

The person with the high level of sales motivation sees change as a slow evolutionary process that is a continuous part of their sales lifestyle. How do you embrace learning? What can you look at in your sales process and say is different based on something you learned over the past year? Each week your goal should be to find one item you can modify slightly or test with a customer. It might be something as simple as a new question to ask or a slight change in how you respond to a customer. The objective is the same though: Always be looking for ways to upgrade your performance.

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