Confidence sells! Sales motivation requires you to have a level of confidence and over the past week I’ve had more conversations with key sales leaders where this has come up than I can ever remember.  The lack of confidence in salespeople destroys more sales than we can ever begin to imagine.  The lack of confidence comes through in the quality of a response, the speed with which a message is returned and level of conviction that is conveyed when talking about price.

If you’re a sales manager you have to make it a priority to reinforce the confidence you have in your salespeople if you ever expect them to be confident.  If you’re a salesperson you have to truly believe in the service you’re providing to your customer and the results they will achieve by working with you.  A salesperson’s level of confidence is worth anywhere from 10 – 30% in sales.  On the profit side a confident salesperson I believe will achieve anywhere from a 20 – 50% bump in profit over a non-confident salesperson.

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